Most Beautiful Places for a Romantic Trip in Jaipur.

We are very busy in our daily life running behind the job to maintain our financial conditions always well, It is ok and We must do the same, it is an essential part of our life, but we must take a trip or a holiday to run our life smoothly. This is also called as golden cities tour.

These Days, People have been adventurous and they love to visit some destinations which can add some memorable memories to their life. we all love to take a long holiday with our family, Parents or the loved ones.

Here, I am telling you about some most beautiful and romantic destinations to visit in Jaipur which will definitely add an awesome memory to your life. So, here we go.

As we are well aware Jaipur is known as the Pink city of Rajasthan. There are so many places which make this city a must-visit destination such as Palaces, Forts, Temples etc.

Most Romantic Destinations to visit any time in Jaipur.

Smriti Van


If both of you (U & ur Partner) love to visit a peaceful place where you both can spend some time and capture that memory in your life then this place will be the best one for you. It is a tranquil biodiversity park reach in flora & fauna.

Opening Timing: 6 am to 6 pm                                                                                                 Entry Fee: Free                                   

Sisodia Rani Park


It is one of the best private places for couples, well! you must be amazed to know some hidden stories behind this park. I am not going to tell you the hidden things but I will definitely guide/suggest you visit this place.  When you visit here, you can find all the hidden stories written on the walls of this company.

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Best Destinations to visit in Northern India

As a Travel Blogger, I love to travel. So, I have been travelling for a long time and have got some amazing experiences, I would be glad if you guys will love to read this Article and upvote me. It will encourage me to write a lot.Bikaner-Tour-tempotravellerhire

As I have mentioned in the title “Best Tourist Destinations in Northern India” There are some amazing places to visit such as Delhi, Shimla-Manali, Haridwar-Rishikesh, Jaipur-Jodhpur-Jaisalmer-Bikaner, Amritsar-Chandigarh and so on.

If you love to visit the forts, palaces and some religious places then this is the right place. You get the mixture of all three things at one place. In Delhi, you visit forts, Temples, Gurudwaras, Palaces etc. Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner etc has the great forts which attract the tourists.shimla_manali_dharamshala6

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Easy Travel in India.

You want to travel to India. Okay!

I am going to share some tips here, I think it is going to help you. Travelling is not so easy and cheap in India and when it comes to taking any north India Tour. I have got good experiences while travelling.

Just keep some points in mind which will help you to get travel easily in India.

  1. Keep your mind clear: As a Traveller, I have faced this trouble so many times. This one of the most important point to keep in mind always. Before taking a tour for any destination decide where you want to go and make a list of the places that you want to visit in the limited time. If you are planning for North India Tour then You can visit Japji Travel for the itineraries and Car, Coach rental. They provide luxury Tempo Traveller & their best services at a reasonable price in India.

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2.  Choose the best destinations and asked the Travel agencies, Agents or read some blogs online to brush up your knowledge about the destination. That will help you to travel safely if you do not hire any Travel Agency.


3. Book the Hotel: Booking of hotel is an essential part of travelling. It is as important as our clothes. If you have not booked any hotel, do it now and do not wait for the long time to book. Sometimes, Hotels are not available on the time, so pre-booking help you enjoy your tour.


4. Buy a Map: Before visiting any destination it is a very good idea to buy a map. It helps you to decide where to go easily. As we know that if we are not aware of all places that time map helps us to get the right direction or if we are not able to get then we can ask someone to help us by showing the destination.

Tempo Traveller

Tempo Traveller everytime favourite and all travellers favourite. It is very comfortable and easy to hire but if you hire it from the right company then You can enjoy your tour.

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Why 7 Seater Tempo Traveller?


Are you planning to explore the cities and want to be an eye-witness of the amazing places? Well! you must be thinking about the vehicle, You must be thinking about which one to hire. So, Your all worries end here!

I am going to guide you regarding the same. Well, you must be aware of Tempo Travellers. These are one of the most favourite vehicles for tourists of all time and that’s why Travel Agencies offer you this Traveller to make your journey awesome and enjoyable.

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  6. Ice-Box helps you to get chilled water or your favourite soft drinks.
  7. Charging Points helps you to charge your Mobile or Laptop.
  8. You get all necessary facilities inside this luxury tempo traveller.
  9. Highly experienced drivers let you enjoy the ride tension free.